In this article, I’m explaining How to convert your unused internal Harddisc to external harddisc which operates over the USB port like any other USB device. Here I’m explaining how I used my old laptop HDD (2.5″) to external HDD. The same technique can be applied to a desktop internal HDD (3.5″) by using the respective case.

This technique can be used in the following scenarios.

1. You have upgraded your internal HDD and now the old one is of no use.

2.You need an external HDD for an extra peace of storage but cannot afford a new external HDD but can get one old internal HDD.

The limitations of this method (product), from my view, is the speed. The transfer speed depends on a wide variety of factors when comparing with the external HDD. First of all the internal HDD which you are converting should be in good condition.

So, In order to convert your old internal harddisc to external HDD, you simply need to buy this case which is named ” 2.5″ HDD External Case“. What this basically does is convert your internal HDD’s SATA Ports into USB port by using a small inbuilt circuit in this case.

2.5" HDD to USB converter  2.5" HDD to USB converter SATA to USB circuit

The product description states that its

  • Driverless
  • HighSpeed
  • Plug and Play
  • Excellent Performance

and all these are true to a great extent from my experience. and moreover, as most of the external HDDs, it’s provided with an inbuilt LED initiator for monitoring the activity of the disc.

led indicator of 2.5" SATA to USB Case

Now I’m going to explain how to install your internal HDD into this CASE.

You can get this case from Amazon for less than 15$. I bought this from Flipkart for around Rs.450($ 7.05). This case consists of a metallic body with a detachable cap at one end.

This detachable cap has the USB port on its external and it houses the Circuit for SATA to USB conversion.

Step #1 Unboxing

Unbox the product.The package includes the Case, USB cableScrewdriver, couple of screws and a pouch.

2.5" SATA to USB Case unboxing

Step #2 Attaching

Open the cap of the case and attach your internal HDD via the SATA port as shown in the figure. Once the HDD is in position place the cap back on to the case.

attaching HDD to 2.5" SATA to USB Case    attaching HDD to 2.5" SATA to USB Case 1

Step#3 Fixing

Using the screw driver screw the screws on both sides of the case. Now you are ready with your external HDD. Now for an extra added protection place the HDD inside the pouch and you are ready to go.

inserting HDD to the2.5" SATA to USB Case   Screwing 2.5" SATA to USB case

Now onwards you can use this via the USB cable and can be connected to your computer and the data can be accessed, transferred and modified.

2.5" SATA to USB data transfer

As I mentioned earlier the speed mainly depends on the working condition of the HDD and moreover this case is available in different USB versions. Here I purchased USB3.0 in order to get the maximum possible speed. You can get this product for USB2.0 at a comparatively lower price but the speed of access and transfer need to be compromised.

Here in this entire article, I explained all about converting Laptop internal harddisc to external harddisc. for desktop harddisc, the process is exactly the same and the only difference is instead of the 2.5″ case you need to buy 3.5″ case and follow the same procedures.

Hope this article helps you!

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment below if you need any further information.



Internal Harddisc to External HDD Conversion(2.5/3.5″SATA to USB3.0)

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